Polish version

The HELLESS horde was brought into existence by Less (formerly the vocalist of Lublin's Fanthrash) in August 2012. Less was joined by Banditto (g), Pilot (b) and Cez (dr) from DITTOHED from the town of Police. The first gig took place less than six months later, in February 2013. The band performed a short set at one of the JamSessions at Pit'N'Rock - the cafe of the Town Culture Centre in Police.

In June 2013, HELLESS released their first single - Rewolucja (Revolution) (
listen...) - announcing the horde's debut EP. The recording was completed in December of the same year, and resulted in the 5-track EP Wysysacze. The EP officially saw the light of day in January 2014, when HELLESS played the first full-length gig at the Classic club in Police, accompanied by a couple of Szczecin crews HELLESS were friends with: Dirty Bastards and Vinders. The EP was very well received by fans, radio journalists, and reviewers from Polish music websites (read...; only in Polish).


Since 2013, HELLESS tracks have appeared on many radio playlists in Poland, including Antyradio, ProRock, Revolta, Radio Centrum, Radio Koszalin, Bemowo FM, Klasycy Rocka, Radio Olsztyn, and many others, including also Polish-language stations abroad such as Radio Heretica (UK), Radio Alter Ego (UK), Radio Verulam (UK) and Radio Aspekt (Germany).

2014 was devoted to polishing the existing material and working on new music. The band played some fantastically received gigs (including one with the Finnish MAGENTA HARVEST at Alter-Ego in Szczecin). In August 2014, the song GMOrderca reached 5th place on British Radio Verulam's Polisz Czart chart (see...).

2015 began with the release of a new song, Twoja wiara (Your Faith) (listen...) as a foretaste for the next album. Shortly thereafter, in February, the ''Wysysacze'' EP was the record of the of the week at the Polish-German radio station ASPEKT. From February 2015 onwards, the Horde's music begun appearing at dozens of foreign radio stations including Brazil, the US, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Hungary and Mexico. In April, the horde was designated as the Railer of the Month at the American KDKT station (see...), and the music from the ''Wysysacze'' EP was promoted for the whole month. This was the first time that title was given to a band from outside the US and the first time it was given to a band singing in a language other than English.


In May 2015 HELLESS went on a musical hiatus for a whole 18 silent months.

Immediately after the break, the band was invited to Radio Szczecin, where on the 26th October, as part of the station's "3x1" series (see...), Helless performed three songs: Zdrada (Betrayal), Injekcja (Injection), and Rewolucja (Revolution) - which in fact was an exclusive first joint rehearsal after the period of silence). These tracks, along with an interview (
listen...), were played during Piotr Rokicki's show Schody do nieba (Stairway to heaven) on Radio Szczecin. HELLESS also filmed a video for the song Wysysacze (see...), which was shot in the interiors of the Siemczyno Palace and in the Town Culture Centre in Police.

In June 2017 the Wysysacze video got to the final of the Szczecin European Film Festival (see...). October 2017 has been marked by a new track Produkt (Product) accompanied by a high-energy video (
see...). And since November their videos are a part of the largest, independent music video channel: BLANK TV (see...).